Making Funeral Arrangements: Music

Funeral Directors
For most funerals, your funeral director will deal with most of the paperwork, contact the crematorium or church, and arrange transport, etc.

Our Funeral Singers Service
You can book us direct from our website, or ask your funeral director to contact us. Funeral directors also book us on behalf of families, as they have heard us sing and know we provide an excellent service. When you book us to sing, we will ask for the funeral name, date, venue and funeral director's details.

Singers for Funerals will then liaise with all those involved in your funeral music, including;

Your church organist, or crematorium organist
We very much enjoy singing accompanied by any competent organist, and will make sure we talk before the day and rehearse on the day where possible.

The crematorium music system providers (Wesley Music) if required
For services in crematoriums, we can either bring our own recorded accompaniments and a very discreet PA system, or we can access the crematorium’s own Wesley Music system

The minister presiding at your service, if required
We often do not need to talk to the minster, but would be grateful to know their name, just in case we do! For church services, the family should always check with your vicar, priest or minister about the suitability of any music you would like. 

Staff at the crematorium, if required
We will liaise with crematorium staff over the best way to provide your funeral music, be it organist, Wesley Music system or our own PA system. 


email Singers for Funerals or call Richard on 0797 497 2564