Music in Funeral Services

Music is often at the heart of funeral services, with different funerals services offering slightly different opportunities for music.

Music at Church Funerals in Birmingham and the West Midlands
At church funerals, singing and organ music can be included as follows:
  • as the congregation enter the church (Prelude – usually organ music)
  • when funeral procession comes into the church (Entrance Song)
  • as part of the service, e.g. the favourite Psalm "The Lord is My Shepherd"
  • with one or two hymns that everyone can join in with
  • at the final commendation, if performed (Song of Farewell)
  • when the funeral procession departs (Exit)

You can ask your church minister or funeral director about suitable music, or see our hymns and funeral songs website, Songs for Funerals.

Music at Cremations in the West Midlands
Cremation ceremonies are normally 30 minutes long, with the actual service lasting approximately 20 minutes long. We can sing at various points during the service, including:
  • the arrival of the funeral procession 
  • singing a favourite song during the service as a solo
  • leading the guests in a favourite hymn or two
  • at the committal (normally organ music if an organist is playing)
  • when the family and guests leave the crematorium chapel

Humanist Burials Music
Singers for Funerals can sing at any humanist burial in central or southern England, but do ring us beforehand to discuss the suitability of singing outside. 
For more information, please feel free to call Richard on 0797 497 2564,
or email us via our Contact Form.