Funeral Music FAQs

Who are Singers for Funerals?

Singers for Funerals provides professional opera singers as soloists for funeral services in the Birmingham area and surrounding counties. We also have experienced soloists available in the south of England and London.

Can I claim the tax back on funeral expenses?
Yes, all funeral expenses, including music, are tax free if paid for or claimed back through the estate of the deceased.

What will my funeral singer wear?
Our Birmingham Associate funeral soloist Richard Lloyd Owen wears a (very) smart black suit, white shirt and black tie. If you would prefer another suit colour or tie, please advise us at time of booking.

Do you sing at memorial services?
Memorial services often offer more opportunities for singing than standard services, and we are more than happy to sing as many items as you wish at your memorial service. 

How much do you charge?
Our prices start at £125 per soloist plus travel, depending on the length of the service and music to be prepared.

Do you sing hymns?
Hymns at funerals are a chance for the guests to sing, so we are happy to lead the singing of any hymns, just in case people feel a bit shy! 

Do we have to sing all the verses of a funeral hymn?
No, it’s up to you how many verses you wish to sing. We have found in the past that some families find the words to a hymn for the order of service, and put down all the verses, not realizing they can reduce them if they wish. From personal experience, all our soloists agree that five verses are plenty, four are ideal – and eight usually too many! Also, we find that one verse for an entrance or exit song, such as Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’, is plenty.

What are your specially recorded accompaniments like?
Most of the Singers for Funerals recorded accompaniments are specially recorded on piano or organ just for our soloists, so they are in the right key and right tempo. For more modern songs, we also have high quality professional backing tracks, with accompaniments suitable for funeral services. Thanks to a special arrangement with Wesley Music, all of our accompaniments can be made available to crematoriums using the system. 

Can you sing on any day of the week?
All Singers for Funerals soloists, including Richard Lloyd Owen, are professional opera singers. Not every singer will be available on every day, but we try our best to provide a soloist for your funeral subject to availability. Always call Richard first on 0797 497 2564 to make sure he can sing for you.

Does Richard Lloyd Owen sing at weddings?

Yes, Richard can sing at your wedding ceremony or entertain at receptions, with other soloists from UK touring opera company Hatstand Opera. Ring us for details, or see Richard Lloyd Owen's website.

Where else are Singers for Funerals listed on the internet?

You'll find various listings for Singers for Funerals on the web. 

Do you have any other websites?

Yes, our other websites include  

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Call Richard on 0797 497 2564, or email us.

Call Richard on 0797 497 2564, or email us